I take pride in providing the best working experience to all my clients. Each and every client’s it is important to me as I constantly seek to improve and provide the utmost professional yet personal service.

The Art Sherpa!

I worked with "The Art Sherpa" on many projects and still do from time to time, I worked on her branding, creating logos, social media kits that included Facebook and twitter and YouTube ads and banners, game development, including Game development, everything from character designs, environment and import the game elements into the Unity, working with developers on this and other media projects, apps and marketing which included, her YouTube channel headers and thumbnails to her videos, her youtube live broadcast, I was responsible for all art related task, also created merchandise relating to her brand, signs, t-shirts, mugs card designs, even her card game. Below is a few samples of some of the projects I worked on.

A Little Entertainment!

At "A little Entertainment" I worked as a Art Lead and outsource manager, I ran several projects working with designer and producers. We worked mainly in "Adobe Creative Suite" utilizing Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. The projects we worked were for Facebook games, I Also was responsible for UI designs on several games, also working with the game designers coming up with game ideas, details and the look of the projects, I was also in charge for managing outsourcing, we used Meta3D Studios to out outsource art assets needed for several of the projects we created. I would work with them to make sure everything went as planned and we met out milestone dates on the art side of things. Below are a few examples of the work i created.

EVERY CAKE HAS A BAKER written by Shane Torno, Illustrated by Chuck Carson

Here are a few pages of a book I developed with Shane, he wrote the story, I developed the look of the book, designing characters and sets, Since he wanted to self publish the book I created all the pages, including the interior buffer pages and covers front and back, the book ended up being over 30 pages, I used Adobe Animate and adobe Photoshop. I spent about 6 months on the project working nights and weekends.